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August 7th - 9th, 2009 Division I participated in the 16th China [Shanghai] wallpaper fabric carpet and home soft decoration exh

Company News
2013/08/09 18:47
      "The 16th China [Shanghai] wallpaper fabric carpet and home soft decoration exhibition "in August 7-9 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center held this exhibition to the majority of wallpaper companies, so the company at this exhibition More unique.Compared with the last of the last fine exhibition in Japan, this time to view the exhibition customers mainly to soft individual sales and interior design studio-based. For our launch of the functional plain curtains show a strong and the company's fire-retardant products are certified by the Japanese professional inspection agencies, while the special shape of memory processing, good shading performance is the necessary conditions for customer selection. In addition, many design studios on our new high-end Jacquard curtains are also very appreciated, suitable for use in high-end real estate, high-end villas.
      There are also from all over the country's individual software vendors want to join our brand, the specific details of the matter is still in the negotiations.
      Through this exhibition, we harvest a lot, so that more people know about STARVERY, also brought more business opportunities.