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September 27, 2012 to participate in Nanjing International Fashion Consumer Goods Fair.

Company News
2012/09/30 22:35
September27~30DivisionIparticipatedintheNanjingInternationalFashionConsumerGoodsFair.Comparedwithothercompanies' curtains,ourcurtains'color,technologywonthepraiseofvisitors.Manyvisitorsaskedustoshopin

    September 27 ~ 30 Division I participated in the Nanjing International Fashion Consumer Goods Fair. Compared with other companies'  curtains, our curtains' color, technology won the praise of visitors. Many visitors asked us to shop in Nanjing as soon as possible. There is a pair of mother and son before the end of the exhibition come here, for their new house to purchase the necessary curtains.