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The smart phone connected to morn, even if it is not nearby, will automatically close when it is set.You can set the time to open and close the curtains, which can be a good precaution during your late or long trip.


The time of returning to the night and the guard against the empty nest.


B: 1.0~2.5mm
C: 6.0~7.0mm
D: 14.0mm



The terminal summary table has been validated.

Curtain rail data.

Corresponding table and style.


Install on guide rails, do not need installation tool.Single hand can be easily installed on the curtain guide rail (is applying for patent).In addition, the installation position of mornin is hidden in the side of the curtain design fold, so it does not affect the overall household effect of the room.

Simple installation, simple setup.


Special APP Settings

Special apps are available for IOS and Android.You can not only set the curtain opening time, but also control the operation and change the size of the opening and closing force.Morin's automatic connection to a smartphone is as simple as a regular alarm setting, and anyone can easily use it.


Use a tutorial on mobile phone connections.


1 mobile phone can connect up to 4 mornin


Mornin 'is designed, developed and assembled in Japan.It's a reassuring, trustworthy Japanese manufacturing.

Adjustable curtain opening and closing time.


According to the weight of the curtain and the length of curtain guide rail can adjust the whole opening and closing strength and time.

Can connect 4 devices.

With the sharing setting function, the family member's mobile phone can operate.

Family members can use it.


With the timer function, the curtain can be automatically opened in advance.It can be set to 7 a.m. on weekdays, and the curtains open at 8 a.m. on the day of rest to be set in a week.Alternatively, use remote control to turn the curtains open or close by phone.

The phone can only remotely close the curtain.

Trust Japan.


Remove the curtain from the pulley at the end of the guide rail.

Cover up morinin 'and place the curtains in place.

Connect with the phone and set the time of opening and closing.

The curtain automatically opens and closes at set time.

Fix the mornin in the middle of two pulleys.

The main characteristics

"Not coming in the morning" and "being lazy all over", mainly because of the "sleep inertia" caused by the forced rise of sleep from deep sleep.The so-called "sleep inertia" means that the eyes are already open, but the brain is not yet clear.In order to eliminate this state, sunlight is most effective.Suppress the sleep hormone (melatonin secretion), the body opens the awake mode, into the best brain state.Mornin is witnessing the science of sleep.

The curtain automatically opens to awaken your lazy morning.


About 56mm*97mm*41mm(wide * height * thick)

About 67g (excluding battery weight)

No. 5 alkaline dry point pool three.

About 5 months (under the conditions specified by our company)

Bluetooth* Low Energy (BLE)

About 10m(without obstacles)

IOS8.3 above, Android5.0 or above (for BLE only)

Use the manual and warranty, and test # 5 alkaline dry battery 3.

Appearance of size

The weight of the

The battery

Working time

Communication specification

Communication range

Corresponding to the OS