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EOLA parameter characteristics

Unique stereotypes, add curtains beauty, machine wash several times, and still maintain a good wave effect, with a certain shading function to ensure the quality of sleep, improve the quality of life, and change life

Eola  convenient

Can be based on the size of the windows at home, choose the appropriate curtains, remove the custom curtains production cycle, easy to buy, easy to install, replace the curtains, change life

Eola variety of sizes

Conventional 6 sizes Expand, meet most of the home windows and bay windows, height 255cm Suitable for floor-to-ceiling windows, width 100cm for two pieces, width 165cm and 200cm for single piece

Eola  convenient


Curtain is a door,

the sun off on the outside,

imitate the true low-key,

calm and quiet, had a gentle,

simple, cherish life,

safe to accompany,

warm as ever


About Eola

Eola is starvery is the curtain of its finished curtain brand, it learn from the simple fashion design and comfortable and practical, pay attention to function and quality, the pursuit of life taste, color diversity and rich products, easy to buy customers, creating a comfortable and comfortable for customers Living space to bring the proposal


Simple shape,

not too much decoration and embellishment,

fresh and natural,

simple and elegant,

for living in the city of our Japanese-style curtains simple,

can make people feel quiet and gentle


Eola quality

From Japan design, import processing, in accordance with the Japanese standard process sewing

A poem


Folds such as the organ 

full and crisp 

a simple sense of drape

let the family rhythm

with the nature 


back to nature


Passing time charming

and finally seated in a dim light

while several lights of light

softly blooming curtains


is the best match with


Ming window tranquil book

silent sitting dust margin

downtown off

the security of the prime

with the color of light life

with the details of the day into a poem


Elegant, elegant,

bright, graceful

 here is like looking for the soul,

a quiet corner,

enjoy every fine life in the fine