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UNIVERS(WUXI)DECORATIVE CO., LTD.  It is a large-scale enterprise integrating development, production and sales. It is located in the production base of Jiangsu City, Wuxi province. It has great technical development personnel, imported sewing equipment and modern professional management. The curtain is exquisite in workmanship and excellent in quality. Each of the exquisite curtains is a boutique, concise and elegant, clean and indifferent, flowing from Japan, shuttling back and forth in the world fashion capital of the design team essence. STARVERY has a wide range of products, so as to meet the needs of different regions, different hobbies and different consumer groups.

" STARVERY "  as UNIVERS group's own products, through continuous research the changing lifestyle and fashion trends, has the function of independent research and development and the fashion of the curtain fabric, and the implementation of quality management system in Japan this factory sewing in thoroughly, to provide reliable curtain products for the majority of customers.

STARVERY from the fabric design to finalize the product processing, and strive for perfection, is committed to providing customers with high-quality Japanese curtains.

Eola to "young, fashion, tube about, function, affordable" concept, the fashion design, peace of mind and reasonable price and reasonable price fusion, and have all the characteristics of starvery curtains original brand. Eola learns a simple fashion design and comfortable and practical, pay attention to the function and quality, the pursuit of life taste, the diversity of color and rich products to facilitate the purchase of customers, creative and comfortable living space to bring the proposal.